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Study of outstripping land desalination with precipitation use on background of subsurface drainage Drainage parameters amplification to optimize soil water-salt regime

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Tajikistan, Khatlon oblast, Gazimalik rayon, state farm "XXIV Pertsyezd"


70.03.21; 70.21.39

Rubric (SIC ICWC); 01.45

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B.Rakhmonov, TajikNIIGiM, Tajikistan, Dushanbe, 734001, Shamsy str. 5/1


Study is directed to soil desalination based on leaching with regard for precipitation, drain design effectiveness definition and imrovement. Climate is continental, dry. Relief-weakly sloped plain. Soils-sierozem-meadow, loam, saline, sulfate-chloride. Ground water depth is 0-2.0m and salinity is 15-20g/l, sulfate-chloride. Subsurface drainage specific extent is 37.8 m/ha, depth 3.5-4.0m. Plot is equipped by measuring devices. In result of research main principles of land desalination have been developed by means of outstripping subsurface drainage construction taking into account precipitation, reducing term of land development. Subsurface drainage main parameters and design are recommended.

Key words

Water-salt balance, drainage, precipitation, ground water table, soil salinity, cotton


1. Authors: A.Ahmerov, B.Rahmonov Title: "Land desalination through outstipping subsurface drainage construction, TajikNIIGiM, 1986 2. Authors: A.Ahmerov, B.Rahmonov Title: "Drainage efficiency in Dangara valley", TajikNIIGiM, 1988 Saline soil leaching principles are given with regard for precipitation, main drainage parameters choice. Analysis of field tests on soil desalination in steppe zone (for 2-3 years) through outstripping subsurface drainage construction.