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Deep non-sloping drainage effectiveness with water logged mouths

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Turkmenistan, Charjow oblast, Charjow rayon, Ilyich's collective farm



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Kalantayev V.A., TurkmenNIIGiM Turkmenistan, 744012, Ashkhabad, Ostrovsky str., 30


Studies are dedicated to determination of non-sloping drains constructed in underlying soils and development of recommendations on their construction and operation. Climate is continental, dry. Relief is smooth. Soils - saline, salinity type is sulfate-sodium-calcium. Ground water table is 1.6-2.0 m (in growing period), salinity degree is 2.5-3.0 g/1 (autumn-winter), salinity 1.0-10 g/1, salinity type - sulfate-chloride. EPP area is 49.5 ha. Irrigation network - in earthen channel, Collector-drainage network - open and closed. Results of studies showed that deep non-sloping drainage with logged mouths constructed in sandy soils gave opportunity to lower more evenly ground water table and desalinize soils and ground water, regulate GWT to optimal depth depending on agricultural crops development stage, increase GWT lowering rate after leaching and vegetation irrigation, increase in 3-4 times drainage flow modulus as compared with drainage constructed in melkozem.

Key words

Non-sloping drainage; ground water table; drainage flow; cotton


1. Author - Kalantayev V., Demirov O. Title - "Non-sloping drainage with water logged mouths" "Agriculture of Turkmenistan", 1996, #1 In article data about non-sloping drainage use in arid zone are given. It is showed that location of non-sloping drains in sand thickness (under conditions of two-layer soil) significantly exceeds water inflow in them despite of mouths' water logging from collector. Theoretical studies and field investigations showed that drains specific length is reduced in 2-3 times in comparison with drains constructed in melkozem.