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Study of vertical drainage effectiveness for ground water withdrawal from saline lands (Karalang massive of Vakhsh valley)

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The Republic of Tadjikistan, Khatlon oblast, Bokhtar rayon, Sa-farov's collective farm


38.61.27; 70.03.21

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Aliyev I.S., Nil of Soil science of Tadjik Agriculture Institute The Republic of Tadjikistan, Dushanbe, Rudaky av., 21a.


Studies are dedicated to development of measures set on preventing soil salinization on base of increasing land drainability by constructing vertical drainage, establishment of reclamation effectiveness of this type drainage in conditions of multi-layer soils as well as soil water-salt regimes management for creation and rehabilitation of their fertility. Climate is subtropical continental. Relief is bowl-like. Soils - salts, gray desert and their meadow subspecies, salinity type is chloride-sulfate and sulfate-chloride, with high gypsum content. Ground water table is 0.5-3.0 m, salinity degree in south-west part of EPP is very high 100 g/1 and more, in canal zone - 3-5 g/1 and less, salinity type - chloride-sulfate-calcium. EPP area is 400 ha. Irrigation network - in earthen channel, specific length is 20 m/ha. Release and collector-drainage network - open, specific length is 22 m/ha, depth is l-2 m. Around central part of bowl three vertical drainage systems were constructed as triangle with 1 km interval between them on depth to 51 m. EPP is equipped with account means of water, salts as well as vertical drainage system, and piezometric network. In result of studies set of measures was developed on improving soil water-salt regimes management and reclamation-ecological process regulation on the background of vertical drainage system combined with shallow low-effective open horizontal drainage.

Key words

Soil salinity; leaching; vertical drainage; horizontal drainage; water-salt regime; irrigation regime; crop-developers; alfalfa; cotton


1. Author - Kireyev V.K. Title - "Irrigated lands reclamation by drainage in Vakhsh valley" In review brochure research and production materials on drainage use as well experimental data on vertical drainage use on one of large irrigation systems - Vakhsh are generalized. Peculiarities of Vakhsh valley natural conditions are described, characteristics of existing and experimental reclamation measures are given.