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Development of soils desalinization process technology on the background of drainage and irrigation of crop-developers (alfalfa and sugar beat) "Kuban".

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The Kyrgyz Republic, Chu oblast, Panfilov rayon, "Kelechek" state farm.


70.21.15; 70.21.31; 70.21.33

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01.30.02; 01.30.03;

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Duyunov I.K., KyrgNIIGiM The Kyrgyz Republic, 720055, Bishkek, Toktonaliyev's str., 4.


Field studies of vegetation and leaching irrigation technology under sprinkling irrigation by "Kuban" on the background of systematic horizontal drainage. Soils - gray desert-meadow, middle and heavy loam with sulfate salinity and high gypsum content and somewhere soda. Ground water table is 2.5-3.3 m. Salinity degree is 1.8-8.9 g/1, hydrocarbonate, sulfate type. EPP is located on 10 fields of III crop rotation in "Kelechek" state farm, each field area is 120-126 ha. Irrigation - sprinkling by "Kuban". Drainage - systematic closed horizontal, depth 3.5-4.5 m, collectors - open with depth 4.5-5.0 m. Irrigation canals (under "Kuban") with concrete slopes and bottom. Cropping pattern: sugar beat, perennial grasses, maize for grain and silage, cereal-bean, winter wheat. Perennial studies showed that for 7 years of EPP operation on the background of sprinkling irrigation and systematic drainage reclamation state improvement occurred (over ground water table depth, salinity degree of 0-1 soil layer, ground and drainage water salinity). The best crop-developer is alfalfa for hay and green forage. Reclamation of alkaline and soda saline soils is recommended to fulfill by means of soil treatment with gypsum with physiological acid fertilizers application. Advantage of sprinkling irrigation is demonstrated in conditions of Chu valley without capital leaching.

Key words

Sprinkling; horizontal drainage; water-salt regime; soils; regulation; crop-developers; alfalfa; sugar beat.


1. Author - Popova S. Title - "Water and salt soils regime under sugar beat irrigation by "Kuban". Bulletin #121 (3718), KyrgyzNIINTI, 1985. It is showed how water and salt soil regime is formed under irrigation by "Kuban" on 1st and 2nd field of III crop rotation; dependence of sugar beat yield capacity on irrigation norm is established. 4. Authors - Popova S., Miroshnikov V., Shesler E.. Title - "Soils desalinization on the background of drainage and irrigation of crop-developers". Bulletin #59 (4016), KyrgyzNIINTI, 1987. Technology of desalinizating saline and alkaline soils on the background of dcrop-developers drainage and irrigation by "Kuban" is given. Calculation formula for leaching norm definition is proposed.