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Leaching through flooded rice on the background of permanent horizontal drainage in combination with temporary drainage or without it.

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The Kyrgyz Republic, Chu oblast, Moscow rayon, "Besh-Terek" state farm.



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Duyunov I.K., KyrgNHGiM The Kyrgyz Republic, 720055, Bishkek, Toktonaliyev's str., 4.


Studies are dedicated to development of salts and strongly saline lands' desalinization technology and technique through flooded rice crop with account for intense area drainability. Relief is plain with slope 0.0023 from south to north. Soils - gray desert-meadow, initially saline. Salinity degree of 0-1 m layer is strongly saline, sulfate-calcium-sodium type. Leaching area is 76 ha. EPP is limited from east and west by open collectors on depth 4.5 m, from south and north - flume canals. Parallel to collectors 4 permanent horizontal drains were constructed on depth 3.5 m. EPP is divided into 5 fields with 15- 6 checks in each drain. Studies were carried out on 3 fields. On base of carried out studies it was established that: saline lands leaching through sowing of flooded rice has positive and negative sides; positive is high leaching effect and rice crop yield already in the first year; negative is this method of leaching is profligate regarding land, water, and labor resources, promotes toxic salts removal through drainage run-off and surface water salinity increase that is reflected on environment of areas below.

Key words

Leaching; water-salt balance; saline soils; desalinization; drainage flow; rice.


1. Authors - Shesler E., Popova S., Kirn V. Et al. Title - "Experience of saline soil production leaching through ice crop" Collection of research papers of Dokuchayev's Soil Institute, Moscow, 1981 Leaching peculiarities through rice are described in conditions of saline lands in "Besh-Terek" state farm.

3. Authors - Shumakov ., Shesler E., Kim V. Et al. Title - "About rice sowing impact on adjacent area reclamation state". KyrgNIIGiM Collection of research papers "Issues of development and operation of automated hydro-reclamation objects", Frunze, 1990. Flooded rice sowing impact applied for strongly saline lands and' salts leaching on adjacent area reclamation state is considered. Absence of rice sowing impact under collector-drainage network proper operation is proved.