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Establishment of norms for water consumption and water disposal -under rice cultivation on the background of horizontal drainage.

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The Republic of Kazakhstan, South-Kazakhstan oblast, Shardarya rayon, "Komsomol" state farm.



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Magay S.D., KazNIIGiM The Republic of Kazakhstan, 484022, Taraz, Koigeldy, 12.


Studies are dedicated to establishment of norms for water consumption and water disposal and their compounds under rice cultivation on the background of horizontal drainage, increase of rice fields soil productivity and rice crop yield capacity. Climate is continental. Relief is smooth. Soils are meadow-gray desert, loam with inter-layers of clay and sandy loam. Ground water table is 5 m, salinity degree is 4.4 g/1, chloride-sulfate type. EPP irrigated area is 80 ha. Closed horizontal drainage depth is 1.6 m. Irrigation network - group distributors and map ditches in earthen channel, specific length is 30 m/ha. Studies showed that drainage type and parameters effect on structure of rice irrigation norm and water balance of rice field. Rice crop yields on plot of closed horizontal drainage are 20-30% higher than on plot of open horizontal drainage all years of studies. Recommendations were developed on rational type and design of drainage providing formation and maintenance of favorable soil reclamation regime of rice fields, achievement of agricultural high and sustainable crop yields.

Key words

Water disposal; water balance; water consumption; irrigation norm; rice; secondary crops


Author - Magay S.D. Title - "Role of drainage on rice systems" Express-information "Reclamation and water management", 1987. Results of multi-year studies on Kzylkum rice system are given on determination and grounding effective drainage type providing creation and maintenance of favorable reclamation regime of rice field soils, achievement of high and sustainable yields of rice crop rotation. Main drainage functions are defined under rice cultivation in growing and non-growing periods.