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Management of soil reclamation regime on backgroundof vertical drainage (Shuruzyk and Bayaut massifs of Hunger steppe)

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Uzbekistan, Syrdarya oblast



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G.Yeremenko,  VNIIGiM, Russia, 127550,  Moscow. B.Academicheskaya, 44


Study is directed to management of soil reclamation regime, combat salination, land productivity improvement by means of ground water abstraction providing water-salt management on base of leaching regime of irrigation. Soil salination type is sulfate, chloride-sulfate. Shuruzyak massif area is 68.4 th.ha, Bayaut massif- 48.7 th.ha. Land use efficiency is 0.54-0.76. Ground water salinity is 15-25 g/l, sulfate-chloride. There are 212 vertical wells in Shuruzyak and 89 wells in Bayaut massif. There are balance sites with area 100-500 ha. Study shows that strategy of land desalination is effective method of soil water-salt regime regulation.

Key words

vertical drainage, irrigation ragime, water-salt balance, leaching, soils, cotton


Authors: N.Reshetkina, Kh.Yakubov Title: "Vertical drainage", Moscow, 1978 Principles of irrigated lands zoning on type of drainage, requirements to data collection for design of desalinating measures, System analysis of soil desalination process under leaching and leaching irrigation regime. Main principles of ground water abstraction regime with regard of its use for irrigation, permitting to create optimal reclamation ragime.