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Subsurface drainage in Titov state farm #6 in new irrigated zone of Hunger steppe

Project location

Uzbekistan, Syrdarya oblast, Sh.Rashidov rayon, Titov state farm


70.03.15; 70.23.39

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G.Baturin, SANIIRI, Uzbekistan, 700187, Tashkent, Karasu-4, 11


Study is directed to development of set of measures on secondary salination prevention based on leaching irrigation ragime, drainage strengthening, subsurface drainage construction; definition of water-salt balance formation, drainage effectiveness and workability. Plot is located in semi-desert conditions. Soils: sandy loam and miidle loam, saline, chloride-sulfate. Plot area is 60, 150 and 3200 ha. Irrigation network: flumes; irrigation from flexible horses. Drainage network: collectors with depth 3-6 m, closed horizontal drains with depth 2.5-3.5 m. Scientific grounding of water-reclamation measures on reclamation regime improvement, irrigated lands productivity increase, water saving and secondary salination prevention is made.

Key words

horizontal drainage, ground water table, water-salt balance, salinity, soils, cotton


Authors: A.Rachinsky, V.Lazaridis, G.Baturin Title: "Experience of reclamation processes study in Hunger steppe", Pochvovedenie, 1969 Reclamation processes study allows to assess design decisions and set up reclamation measures. Authors: Kh.Yakubov, G.Baturin Title: "Collector-drainage network operation in new irrigated zone of Hunger steppe", Results of complex research of land reclamation state in state farm #6, horizontal drainage technical state and its workability are presented.