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Study of systematic vertical drainage operation on pilot plot of - state farm #17 of Central massive in Hanger steppe.

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The Republic of Uzbekistan, Syrdarya oblast, Dustlik rayon, state farm #17.



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Kalyuzhnaya., SPA SANIIRI The Republic of Uzbekistan, 700187, Tashkent, Karasu-4, 11


Studies are dedicated to determination of wells' systems parameters under developing set of technical decisions on reclamation measures optimization to increase land productivity on Central massive of Hunger steppe. EPP area corresponds to zone of ephemeral steppes. Relief is slightly undulated. Ground water table is 1.5-2 m, strongly saline, chloride-sulfate type. EPP irrigated area is 551.9 ha located in central part of state farm. Water supply is from canal in concrete channel and its distributors. On-farm irrigation network in earthen channel, efficiency 0.6-0.65. 8 operating wells were constructed. EPP is equipped with water-salt balance observation and measurement means. According to results of these studies hydrogeological and technical parameters of operating wells, filtration parameters of water bearing layer, drainage module, system operation impact on soil water-salt regime were determined. System analysis of complex field studies results as well as water-balance calculations was carried out. Practical recommendations were given.

Key words

Soils; water-salt balance; vertical drainage; operation well; ground water table; desalinization; cotton.


Author - Kalyuzhnaya N.I.. Title - "Irrigation impact on dynamics of top and deep horizons level under vertical drainage well operation" papers, issue 59, Tashkent, 1973. Materials of observations on operating wells group in state farm #17 of Central massive in Hunger steppe were given. Wells' parameters constructed in two-layer system, hydrogeological parameters of 'water bearing layer as well as average annual filtration value were assessed.