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Investigation of regularity of open horizontal drainage system workability decrease and its influence on irrigated lands reclamation condition (old zone of Huangry Steppe).

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The Republic of Uzbekistan



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N. Gaipnazarov., SPA SANIIRI

The Republic of Uzbekistan, 700187, Tashkent, Karasu-4/11


Investigations related to study of influence of different natural, organizational and technical measures on open collector-drainage system workability decrease; establishment of regularity of collector-drainage system failure and influence of its workability decrease on irrigated land reclamation condition indexes.    Soils are sierozem-meadow, slightly and strongly saline.Ground water depth from 1,5-2 up to 3-4, mineralization - weakly and strongly saline, sulfate-chloride and chloride-sulfate type. Experimental plot area -144,02 th.ha  Water supply by Dustlik canal.Length of infarm system in concrete layer and flume is 14,7%, specific length -24,1 m/ha. Efficiency -0,7-0,73.Collector-drainage system workability assessment is given on a base of investigation results.

Taking into account regularity of collector drainage system workability and forecasted water-salt calculations the recommendations on terms and volumes of collector-drainage system treatment in Gulistan rayon are developed which allow provide the optimal soil water salt regime and crop harvest increase.

Key words

collector-drainage system; exploitation; reliability


Author - N. GaipnazarovTitle - “ Investigation of regularity of open collector-drainage system workability failure in old irrigated zone of Syrdarya oblast”, SANIIRI, 1987

Assessment of drainage system workability is given on a base of field and laboratory investigations.