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Influence of irrigation by saline drainage effluent on soil productivity

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Kyrgyzstan, Chu oblast, Sokoluk, state farm Nizhne-Chuisky


70.21.09; 70.03.21; 68.05.29; 70.27

Rubric (SIC ICWC); 01.15; 01.20.02

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A.Karmanchuk,   KyrgyzNIIRI,   Kyrgyzstan,   720055,   Bishkek, Toktonaliev str.4


Study is directed to soil-reclamation processes trend revealing under saline drainage water use in place of its origin, drainage outflow and soil water-salt regime management under saline water use for irrigation for land productivity increase. Climate is sharply continental, relief-hilly. Soils-carbonate Ground water depth is 6-10m salinity is 2.5-3.5g/l, sulfate-hydro-carbonate. Drainage effluent salinity is 1.5-4.5g/l. Plot area is 84.0ha. Irrigation network-concrete flumes. Drainage-open horizontal with depth 3.5-4m. Package of software is developed for soil-reclamation processes forecast under irrigation by fresh water and drainage effluent. Method of drainage effluent's chemical reclamation for soil alkalinity prevention with gypsum application. Recommendations are made on soil productivity improvement under irrigation by saline water.

Key words

Drainage outflow; water quality; water-salt regime; soils; maize; alfalfa; winter wheat


Authors: A.Karmanchuk, A.Pirmanov Title: "Collector-drainage water quality in Chu valley and its applicability for irrigation", Bishkek, 1985 Collector-drainage water quality assessment based on set of indicators, its influence on soil water salt regime and soil-reclamation processes.