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Irrigation technique under cotton drop irrigation on lands of southwest zone of Uzbekistan

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The rep. of Uzbekistan, Bukhara oblast, Bukhara rayon, branch of UzNII



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B.G. Mallaev, SANIIRI

The Republic of Uzbekistan, 700187,Tashkent, Karasu-4/11


The aim of investigations is study and development of technological elements of cotton drip irrigation under different natural-climate conditions of Bukhara oblast.Climate is sharply continental. Relief is flat. Soils structure corresponds to light loam and clay with gypsum interlayers, weakly saline. Ground water depth is 1,4-2,0 m, medium saline.Experimental plot area is 350 ha. Irrigation system with concrete lining in earth channel, water intake from Shohrud cannel. Drainage system is open horizontal.

Complex investigations of cotton drip irrigation in natural conditions as well as analysis and results generalization are curried out. Assessment of new technology influence on crops growth, development, crop capacity, land and water productivity increase is conducted. Practical recommendations on developed irrigation technology application for natural-climate conditions of Bukhara oblast.

Key words

drip irrigation; number of gifts; irrigation norm; cotton


Authors - B.G. Mallaev; E.B. MallaevTitle - Contour of moistening under drip irrigation , Tashkent, 1996

Contour of soil moistening in zone of droppers location under different distance between them, water discharge and work duration for light loam taking into account their physic-mechanical characteristics are assessed .