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Study of technique and technology of cotton drip irrigation

Project location:

The Republic of Uzbekistan, Kashkadarya oblast, Karshi rayon, Khushvatov state farm 12


70.21.35; 70.21.33; 70.21.37

Rubric (SIC ICWC)


Project duration

1992 - 1994

Project Manager

S. A. Nerozin, SANIIRI

The Republic of Uzbekistan, 700187, Tashkent, Karasu-4/11


Goal of investigations is study of technical and technological peculiarities of drip irrigation system, cotton irrigation regime efficiency under Kashkadrya oblast conditions, agrotechnical assessment of experimental irrigation method and development on this basis of recommendations on cotton cultivation technology under drip irrigation.Plot conditions are typical for Kashkadarya oblast.Climate is sharply continental. Relief is flat with small slopes.Soils are made of light sierozem, slightly saline, sulphate-chloride type of salinity, texture is slightly loamy. Plot area is 65 ha.Plot is equipped with drip irrigation systems installed by "Plastro Gvat" Israel company and droppers of "Katif" firm.Investigations of technique and technology of drip irrigation show high efficiency of given cotton irrigation method.Production control of DIS, providing uniform soil moisturizing, excluding infiltration water losses below root-inhabited layer, providing productive irrigation water use, irrigation efficiency increase, land efficiency coefficient rise, is implemented.

As a result of investigations the recommendations on cotton cultivation technology under drip irrigation conditions of Uzbekistan are developed.

Key words

irrigation technique; drip irrigation system, irrigation depth; cotton.


1. Authors: S. A. Nerozin Title: Cotton drip irrigation within Kashkadarya oblast of the Republic of Uzbekistan" Tashkent, SANIIRI, 1995

Experimental materials, received in Khushvatov state farm drip irrigation plot of 60 ha Area, described the impact of presented irrigation method on water consummation and cotton yield, are given. Received results allow to give agrotechnical assessment of tilled crops drip irrigation. Yield of 42,8 -43,8 c/ha is received in DIS plot against to 32,7 c/ha in experimental plot with furrow irrigation.