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Investigations of irrigation regime effectiveness and irrigation technology using sprinkling irrigation on saline lands of "Pahtaaral" farm

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The Republic of Kazakhstan, Chimkent oblast, Pahtaaral rayon, Pahtaaral farm


70.21.35; 70.21.33

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H.I. Yakubov., SPA SANIIRI

The Republic of Uzbekistan, 700187, Tashkent, Karasu-4/11


The aim of investigations is to define expediency and effectiveness of sprinkling irrigation on saline lands, verification of sprinkling regime and technology on saline lands providing water consumption under crops irrigation, development of recommendations on salinity restoration prevention under sprinkling irrigation. Climate is sharply continental. Relief is hilly.Ground water depth is 1,0-1,5 m (spring) to 2,5m (autumn). Ground water salinity is from 5-7 up to 10 g/l and more. Soils are saline up to 2-2,5m with salt content -0,7-1,5 % on solid residue, chloride-sulfate type.Experimental plot is 11,5 t.ha (net), land efficiency -0,85Water supply through channel and its distributors. 78 wells of vertical drainage with depth 55-75mm are constricted. Furrows and sprinkling irrigation using -100 and -100M .Investigations showed that it is possible to apply sprinkling irrigation on saline soils under intensification drainability of territory. During vegetation period irrigation norm is reduced, during non-vegetation leaching for soils desalinization is increased.

Under combination of sprinkling and operational leaching desalinization of aeration zone and top layer of ground water is achieved.

Key words

soils; sprinklers; water salt regime; leaching norm; leaching; cotton


Author - H.I. Yakubov Title - Experiment on crops sprinkling irrigation on lands subjected to saline in "Pahtaaral" farmCollection of scientific literature, Tashkent, SANIIRI, 1989.

Analysis of 30-35 years of experience on crops sprinkling irrigation on saline soils is given. Systematic analysis of water salt balance, soils water salt regime, reclamative-ecologic processes as well as soils and lands productivity changes, obtained under different conditions of sprinkling irrigation application are given. High effectiveness of sprinkling irrigation on background of vertical drainage in conditions subjected to salinity under leaching regime with ratio B+O:N+T=1,15-1,2 satisfaction is proved.