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Study and development of agricultural crop irrigation soil conser-vation technique on sloping lands

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The Republic of Tadjikistan, Gyssar rayon, collective farms "Vatan" and "Leningrad", Dzerzhinsky's state farm, Ordjonikidze-abad rayon, "Kommunism" collective farm.


70.21.31; 70.21.35

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Kamolidinov A., Minvodkhoz of Tadjikistan The Republic of Tadjikistan, 734064, Dushanbe, Shamsi str., 5/1


Studies are dedicated to soil erosion reduction, irrigators' efficiency increase under irrigation of cultivated crops on sloping lands, development of cultivated crops soil conservation irrigation technique with implementation of mobile irrigation network devices for conditions of complex relief. Gyssar valley climate is continental. Lands have increased slope (0.02-0.10) and cover 36.8 th.ha of valley. Relief is complex. Soils - loess and loess-like loam. Mobile irrigation network is meant for agricultural crop irrigation on sloping lands with complex relief. In result of studies parameters of furrow irrigation technique soil conservation elements providing fertile soil layer prevention from intense erosion due to mobile irrigation network implementing to irrigate lands with increased slopes of different configuration and areas in mountain place.

Key words

Furrow irrigation; soil erosion; slopes; soil conservation; irrigation regime; irrigation technique; cotton crop


1 . Authors - Kamolidinov A., Nurmatov N.K. Title - "Recommendations on designing mobile irrigation network (MIN) on subsidient sloping lands" Gosagroprom and Minvodkhoz of TadSSR, 1988. General provisions are given on designing mobile irrigation network on lands with big slopes and subsidient soils, information about MIN and hydraulic calculation of its elements, cotton crop irrigation technique from MIN.