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Vineyard drip irrigation in Zaaminsk rayon, Djizak oblast, the Repablic of Uzbekistan

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The Republic of Uzbekistan, Zaaminsk rayon, Djizak oblast, "Kalinin" farm



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T. Palvanov., SPA SANIIRI

The Republic of Uzbekistan, 700187, Tashkent, Karasu-4/11


Investigations related to definition of possibility and efficiency of vineyard drip irrigation on lands with complex relief with climatic conditions suitable for high quality grape growing as well as optimal irrigation regime under drip irrigation establishment providing high grape productivity, development of accounting method and drip irrigation designing on lands with complex relief, and grounding of vineyard drip irrigation efficiency on lands with slope and rocky soils. Experimental plot is located in mountain zone of Turkestan range.   Climate is sharply continental. Soils are sierosems, water permeable, non-saline. Ground water depth from 40-50m, non-saline. Experimental plot is 3,6 ha.Irrigation consist of 8 variants of drip irrigation and 2 variants of furrow irrigation (control).Investigation showed that for vineyard development on lands with complex relief in mountain zone the drip irrigation would be possible and effective. Vineyard productivity in average on 50-60 t/ha higher than under traditional furrow irrigation, and irrigation norm lower on 40-50% respectively.

According to results of investigations designing and creating of Zaaminsk experimental production farm on area 200ha is carried out. 

Key words

Irrigation regime; irrigation technique; water conservation; drip irrigation; arid lands; vineyard


1. Author - T.N. Palvanov Title - “Efficiency of drip irrigation application and technical means of its fulfillment ”Collection: "Problems of water resources development in arid zones", Tashkent, 1986.Basic technical means of drip irrigation fulfillment is considered, the results of test of vineyard drip irrigation under condition of Zaaminsk rayon, Djizak oblast are presented.  2. Author - A.N. Nasimov, T.PalvanovTitle - "Reserves of further vineyard development in Uzbekistan"Collection: "Wine-growing and wine-making in USSR"  

The results of complex investigations on designing and establishment of possibility of vineyard drip irrigation application in mountain zone of Turkestan range are obtained.