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Study and introduction of high productive method of irrigation

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Turkmenistan, Tashauz oblast, Kalinin farm


70.21.35; 70.21.31

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O. Seidov, TurkmenNIIGim


Investigations related to technological process of furrow irrigation improvement in order to equal soil wetting along the furrows, water resources saving, soils productivity and irrigators efficiency increase. Experimental plot is located in low reaches of AmyDarya river.Relief is flat. Climate is sharply continental. Soils are heavy loam and light sierosems. Groundwater salinity degree is 0,31-0,54% on solid residue, chloride-sulfate type. Groundwater deep is 1,5-2,2m (vegetation), 3,0-3,5m (autumn-winter period), with salinity 3-5 g/l.Irrigated area is 1550 ha (gross), Land efficiency 0,07.Irrigation system in earth channel, efficiency 0,75-0,80, length -28m/ha.Introduction of new technology during investigations allowed to:

-    increase water flow up to 70-90 l/sec-    reduce irrigation time in 2-3 times-    increase equal soil wetting up to 0,9-0,96-    automate water allocation in furrows -    reduce irrigation norms on 2000-2400m3/ha-    reduce water expenditures on 21 m3/t-    increase irrigators efficiency

increase crop yield from 16 to 40 t/ha

Key words

designing; furrow irrigation; irrigation norms; automate; filtration;' irrigation technique; cotton


Author - O. SeidovTitle - Furrow irrigation technology on lands with a small slope of Tashaus oblastCollection: Lands reclamation in Turkmenistan, 1979.

Irrigation technology on horizontal panned sites of irrigated lands is conducted. Comparison with existing irrigation technology is given. Reasons of irrigation water saving, irrigators efficiency and cotton productivity increase are revealed.