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Development of irrigation technological processes on slopping sites and sites without slope

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Turkmenistan, Mary oblast, Turkmenistan rayon, collective farm "Leningrad"



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O.Seidov, Turkmen NIIGiM Turkmenistan, 744012, Ashgabat, Ostrovsky str.30


Study is devoted to land productivity increase based on water distribution perfection within irrigation massif;  land use and irrigation efficiency increase, irrigated lands fertility rise on background of closed irrigation network. Climate is continental. Relief is flat. Soils-heavy, medium and light loam. Ground water level is 1.4-1.7 (vegetation) and 2.5-3.0 (winter); salinity is 1.5-5.0 g/l, chloride-sulfate. Irrigated area is 440 ha (net). Water   supply is implemented by pumping station through pipelines. It was found that ecological-reclamation was improved after closed irrigation and subsurface drainage network has been built. Cotton yield increased from 1.6 to 3.0-3.5 t/ha. Soil moistening regularity was increased to 0.8-0.83, irrigation technique efficiency-to 0.9 and irrigators labor productivity- by 2-2.5 times; to reduce irrigation water expenses on 1800cu.m/ha.

Key words

Irrigation network, irrigation technique, furrow, cotton


Authors: O.Seidov, A.Meredov, O.Nursakhatov Title: "Cotton irrigation through closed irrigation network on lands with week slope", SANIIRI, 1980 Results of cotton furrow irrigation from closed irrigation network are described. Study showed that this network provides increase of irrigators labor productivity, land use and irrigation technique efficiency as well as cotton yield.