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Study of furrow irrigation technique elements in command zone of Aris-Turkestam canal

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Republic of Kazakhstan South-Kazakhstan oblast, Bugun rayon, state farm "Isakhanov"



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R.Kvan, KazNIIVH Republic of Kazakhstan, 484022, Taraz, Koigeldy str.12


Study is devoted to choice of effective methods of irrigation based on irrigation technique elements rationalization, optimal parameters setting up, soil water regime management and productive water use. Pilot plot is located on pre-mountain plain of Karatau ridge. Climate is continental. Relief is hilly. Soils light sierozems, heavy loam; on depth of 0.5-0.7 m are non-saline; beneath are saline (0.8-1.5 % IDS). Ground water table is 2.5-3.5 m, salinity is 6-8g/l, sulfate-chloride and chloride-sulfate. Irrigated area is 4 th. ha (net), Land use efficiency is 0.8. Study showed that changing irrigation depth and technology it is possible to manage reclamation processes. Recommendations are given on furrow irrigation technique elements.

Key words

Irrigation technique, furrow irrigation, salt transfer, moisture transfer, ground water table, cotton


Authors: K.Raimbayev, r.Bekbayev Title: "Introduction of rational technology of irrigated lands development in Kyzylkum rayon of Chimkent oblast", KazNIIVH, 1988 Saline soil development technology and irrigated lands regime management are considered.