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Establishment of the optimal elements of furrow irrigation technique on a background of subsoiling of irrigated lands

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The Republic of Tadjikistan, Hatlonskaya oblast, Yavansky rayon, Farm №1



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N.K. Nosirov., SPA TadjikNIIGim

The Republic of Tadjikistan 734001, Dushanbe, Shamsi 5/1


Investigations related to improvement of water consumption and soils water regime management as well as irrigated lands productivity increase on a background of subsoiling by means of irrigation stream selection and furrows length providing equal soil moisture and water losses reduction.Experimental plot is located in Yavansky valley. Climate is sharply continental. Soils are dark sierosems, heavy loam.On deep 30cm of surface the low permeable compacted layer with thickness up to 10-20 cm is located which prevent normal soil profile moisture on designed layer (0,7-1,0m) requiring deep loosen. Experimental plot area is 15 ha. Source of irrigation is Vahsh river, water salinity is 0,7 g/l, water turbidity  is 0,5-1,5 g/l

The result of investigations showed that subsoiling of irrigated lands increase the soil porosity as well as moisture cumulation in soil. Effect of subsoiling is keeping during three years with gradual filtration and soil permeability reduction. Dependency of subsoiling influence on irrigation technique parameters, irrigation regime etc is defined .  

Key words

furrows irrigation; irrigation regime; irrigation technique; cotton


Author - N.K. Nosirov Title - “Improvement of reclamative technique of sierosem soils development under irrigation system construction and operation" 

Fields and laboratory results on studying of subsoiling influence on irrigation technique, irrigation regime, salts content in soil profile were presented.