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Development of technological schemes and irrigation technique on highly permeable soils

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The Republic of Uzbekistan, Djizak oblast, Arnasay rayon, Jukov's state farm # 14a



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Efremkina L.V., "Uzgypromeliovodkhoz" (Sredazgypro-vodkhlopok) The Republic of Uzbekistan, 700011, Tashkent, Navoyi str., 44


Studies are dedicated to prevention of unproductive water losses, reduction of negative phenomena under irrigation on high permeable soils, increase of wetting uniformity, reduction of irrigation duration under maintaining positive qualities traditionally applied irrigation schemes. Plot relief- undulated surface. According to hydrological aspect - area of limited ground water inflow and outflow with unstable water table and regime depending on local conditions. Ground water salinity 10-20 g/1, salinity type is sulfate-chloride. Soils - silty sandy loam, gray clayer sands, and more seldom loess loam with high gypsum content. EPP area is 1 ha. Irrigation water is supplied from flume canal. Irrigation methods: cotton crop - on furrows, alfalfa - on stripes with cutting shallow furrows. In result of studies recommendations on technological schemes and agricultural crop irrigation technique on high permeable soils were developed.

Key words

Irrigation systems; water losses; irrigation technique; cotton crop; alfalfa


1. Authors - LuchininN.G., Chaplygin S.I., Kadyrov A. Title - "Development of technological schemes and agricultural crop irrigation technique on high permeable soils" Report about NIR for 1980-1982, Sredazgyprovodkhlopok, Tashkent, 1983 Optimal irrigation schemes and technique on high permeable soils are given according to results of studies in state farms #14, 14a, and 16 in Hunger steppe.