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Study of cotton in-soil drip irrigation

Project location:

The Republic of Tadjikistan, Lenin rayon, Gissar scientific-research polygon, Gissar rayon, SPA "Zemledeliye"


70.21.31; 70.21.33


01.30.03; 01.30.03

Project duration

1973 - 1980

Project Manager

R. Rakhmatillayev, TadjikNIIGiM SPA

The Republic of Tadjikistan, 734001, Dushanbe, Shamsi Str., 5/1


Investigations, directed on development and experimental- production control of cotton in-soil drop irrigation providing cotton high yield accompanied by reduction in water, fertilizers and labor use in comparison with furrow irrigation.Plot is located in Gissar valley. Climate is sharply continental. Soils are made of light sierozem and brown-carbonate, structure - medium loamy. Ground waters are at a depth more than 80 m, mainly fresh or slightly saline. Plot irrigation is implemented from artesian well with water salinity less than 0.5 g/l of hydrocarbonate-calcium type.Plot area is 1 ha.Irrigation system consists of conveying and distributive polyethylene pipelines with microporous moisturizers. System is supplied with filters, injectors for fertilizers input and other equipment. The system allows operating moisture and soil feeding regimes within wide range; system efficiency is 0.98.As a result of long-term investigations it was determined that in-soil drip irrigation can be used in non-saline soils with light and medium gradation and fresh water irrigation source with turbidity not more than 20 -40 mg/l. Under irrigations, that equal daily evapotranspiration, the rhythmic cotton water supply is provided. Recommendations on necessary soil moisture, norms and terms of irrigation, irrigation norms, depending on natural conditions, are given.Technology and working units are developed for trenchless placing of moisturizers.

Optimal module plot scheme is developed.

Key words

drop irrigation system; in-soil irrigation; irrigation regimes; cotton


1. Authors: R. R. RakhmatilloyevTitle: Moisturizing network parameters under cotton in-soil drip irrigation.VNIIGiM, 1983

Field and laboratory investigation results on equations setting for moisturizers depth, spacing and length are given. Data about irrigation depth and norm, cotton yield capacity, depending on moisturizers depth, are presented.