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Development  of recommendations   on   saline   water  use  for irrigation in different conditions

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Republic of Uzbekistan, Syrdarya oblast; state farm 1 and 16



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T.I.Khamzina,   Uzgipromeliovodkhoz   (Sredazgiprovodkhlopok), republic of Uzbekistan, 700011, Tashkent, Navoy str.,44


Research is devoted to studying possibilities of saline collector-drainage water use for irrigation in various soil-hydrogeological conditions, recommendations development on this water use in midstream of Syrdarya river. Hunger   Steppe   is  the  biggest  irrigated  region   in   Syrdarya midstream. Climate is sharply continental. Soils-bright sierozems; structure-light and medium loam. Salinity is light from surface, medium on depth of 60-100cm and with high gypsum concentration on depth of 80-140cm. There are two plots of 20ha each in state farm 16 and in farm 1-10 fields 5x5m. It is found, that under irrigation with water which salinity is higher than 2.5g/l soil properties are getting worse. Scientific grounding is given of saline drainage water usefor irrigation with minimal risk for soil productivity and environment on example of Hunger steppe.

Key words

Irrigation water, water quality, saline water, cotton


Author: F.V.Serebrennikov, A.N.Morozov Title: "Saline drainage water use for irrigation", Scheme of water related measures in the Syrdarya river basin up to 2000 (for period of full own resources exhaustion) ,1987 Limits of in-contour drainage water use for irrigation on irrigation system of Syrdarya river basin with regard for local and regional limitations; grounding possibilities of established water consumption norms and recommendations on rational water use application with regard for water quality. Approximate Ко values are presented depending on irrigation water salinity.