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Development of saline water use for irrigation technology

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Turkmenistan, Ashgabat oblast, TurkmenNIIGiM


70.21.33; 70.03.21; 70.21.09

Rubric (SIC ICWC);; 01.15

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O.Khadyrov, TurkmenNIIGiM


Research was directed to brackish drainage water use possibilities as well as drainage outflow decrease and water resources more rational use; water salinity limits for fine-fiber cotton irrigation and its impact on soil water-salt regime. Site is located 6-7rv to the north from Ashgabat. Climate is continental; relief-hilly plain. Soils to depth of 160cm are made of sand underlain by heavy loam, practically non-saline. Ground water level is 2-2.5m, salinity-2.8-5.0g/l, type of salinity is sulfate-chlorine. Site is equipped with means of measurement and account. Control plot was irrigated by fresh water. Based on results of study, possibility of drainage water with salinity 2.2-2.8 g/l use for irrigation on sandy soil is grounded. Recommendations    on irrigation technique and scheduling depending on water salinity were given.

Key words

salinity, drainage outflow, irrigation regime, sandy soil, recharge irrigation, yield capacity, cotton


Author: B.Myatiyev, O. Khadyrov Title: "Experience of saline water use for cotton irrigation on desert-sandy soils", Tashkent, SANIIRI, 1981 Field experience of brackish water use efficiency for irrigation of cotton on sandy soils is presented. Is found, that drainage water with salinity 2.2-2.8 g/l do not decrease fine-fiber cotton yield capacity to compare with control field where irrigation was done by fresh water.