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Study of pumped water salinity and chemical composition change regularities during irrigation

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Republic of Uzbekistan, Syrdarya, Bukhara, Ferghana oblast; Republic of Kazakhstan, Shimkent oblast



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S.Ya.Soifer, VNIIGiM, Russia, Moscow, B.Akademicheskaya str.44


Study was devoted to definition of pumped water salinity increase rate under long term vertical drainage operation; expedience of water use for irrigation and leaching without soil productivity decrease and water resources efficiency increase at on-farm level. Climate is continental; soils are made of sandy loam, loam with salinity 1.5-3.5%. Ground water level is 1.5-3. 5m, salinity-5-20g/l. In Bukhara and Ferghana oblast conditions are more favorable to compare with Hunger Steppe. Easy solvable salts in Ferghana valley are concentrated in aeration zone. Soils are slightly and medium saline, sulfate type. In Bukhara oblast soil salinity is superficial within 0-lm, sulfate. Ground water salinity is 1.2-10g/l. Total area of introduction in Hunger steppe is 374.6th.ha, well number is 1660, well depth is 65-80m, dischsrge-100-1501/s. In Ferghana oblast area of introduction is 43.2th.ha, well number is 5333, depth-20-60m, discharge-8-901/s. In Bukhara oblast area of introduction is 51.9th h, well number is 250, depthr-25-45m, discharge-25-401/s. Studies show that depending on salt storage distribution and drainage system operation conditions several types of pumped water salinity changes could be distinguished: a) salinity rise; b) salinity gradual decrease; c) stable type. It is found, that in Hunger Steppe active water exchange zone is one half of well depth (up to 100m), salt exchange zone-on thickness of fine-grained deposits -25-3 Om; in Ferghana and Zerafshan valley, where conditions of desalination are more simple, active water exchange reaches well depth (25-70m) and salt exchange-8-16m.

Key words

Vertical drainage, drainage outflow, desalination, ground water, salt exchange


Author: C.Ya.Soyfer Title: "Study of drainage water salinity dynamics in arid zone", "Melioratsia and oroshaemoe zemledelie", 1977 Conditions of pumped water salinity and chemical composition depending on initial salt storage in fine-grained deposits, ground water as well as on pumping regime. Study was regional one encompassing vertical drainage systems in Hunger Steppe, Ferghana and Zerafshan valley.