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Study of irrigated lands water-salt balance and soil water-salt regime management in conditions of artesian water (1960 -1975) EPP of vertical drainage systems in Pakhtaaral state farm of Chimkent oblast

Project location:

The Republic of Kazakhstan, Chimkent oblast, Pakhtaaral rayon,

Pakhtaaral state farm


70.03.02; 70.23.33

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Project duration:

1960 - 1990

Project Manager

N.M. Reshetkina, VNIIGIM

Russia, Moscow, 127550, Akademicheskaya Str., 44


Investigations were directed to soil salinity control based on territory drainability strengthening, leaching and leaching irrigation regime, water use improvement and water-salt soil regime management as well as irrigated lands productivity increase on a background of vertical drainage. State farm area relief is smooth. Climate is sharply continental.Ground waters are at depth of 1 - 1,5 m (spring), 2,5 m (autumn).Ground waters mineralization is 4 -5 g/l, mineralization type is sulphate-chloride. Ground waters are used for irrigation in mixture with river water in ratio of 1:2 and 1:3.Soils are made of clayey sand, light and medium loam, salinizated down to a depth of 2,0 -2,5 m. Irrigated land area is 13 th. ha (gross), land use efficiency is 0.85.Collectors specific length is 6 -8 m/ha.78 wells were installed with a depth of 55 -75 m and gravel-sand filters by length of 15-30 m.Plot is provided by measuring equipment.Investigations determined, that active water exchange zone in Pakhtaaral state farm under impact of vertical drainage systems spreads up to 100 m, and salt exchange zone - to 25 m.

Water-reclamation measures on irrigated lands productivity, irrigation water saving as well as farming profitability increase were developed.

Key words

vertical drainage; leaching efficiency, reclamation regime; soil water-salt regime; irrigation regime; cotton.


1. Authors: N.M. Reshetkina, Kh. I. YakubovTitle: Vertical drainageMoscow, "Kolos", 1978

Monograph shows the principles of irrigated lands typification by reclamation complexity, drainage perfect type selection, main requirements to specific data received for desalination measures design and water-salt processes regularity on a vertical drainage background. Systems analysis of full-scale investigations results of soil desalination and water use improvement under leaching and irrigation leaching regime, achieved on pilot plots and large irrigated massifs, is presented. Main principles of vertical drainage systems operation regime planning are given taking into consideration ground waters use for irrigation allowing to create optimal reclamation regimes on irrigated lands.