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Vegetables water consumption under conditions of Precopetdag zone

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Turkmenistan, Ahalsky rayon, Vatan farm


70.03.21; 70.21.33

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T.K. Djumanazarova, TurkmenNIIGiM


Investigations related to water-salt irrigation regime regulation on base of application of the scientifically-grounded agricultural crops water consumption norms and optimal irrigation regimes, irrigated lands reclamation state improvement and irrigated field productivity increase under integrated regulation of soils water regime according to plants water consumption. Relief is flat. Climate is typical for arid zone. Soils are light sierozems. Soils structure corresponds to medium and heavy loam, slightly saline. Ground water depth - 4,5m. Ground water salinity -3 g/l, chloride-sulfate type.

In result of investigations the scientifically grounded plant water consumption norms under different ground water depth, ground water expenses in aeration zone were established. Irrigation regimes for different hydro-modulus rayons of Precopetdag zone were developed.

Key words

irrigation regime; water consumption; water-salt regime; soils; water balance; vegetables; tomatoes; onion


Author - T. K. Djumanazarova Title - Vegetables irrigation in Precopetdag zone of TurkmenistanCollection: Problems of irrigated lands in Turkmenistan, 1981.

The results of lyzimeters and water balance investigations on tomato and onion water consumption norms determination are presented, which are base for irrigation regime development. Certain optimal lower level of calculated soil layers moistening is defined as well as irrigation regime taking into account the phases of plant development and their water demand during growing stages according to hydro-modulus rayons (III, V, VII) is recommended.