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Improvement of water use standards' system providing proper level -of agricultural crops yield capacity and rational irrigation water use (experimental-production water-balance studies on crop rotation massif under unfavorable reclamation conditions on the drainage background)

Project location

The Kyrgyz Republic, Chu oblast, Alamedin rayon, "Prygorodny" state farm




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Gorbacheva R.I., KyrgyzNIIGiM The Kyrgyz Republic, 720055, Byshkek, Toktonaliyev str.,4.


Studies are dedicated to verification of optimal irrigation norms of agricultural crops under climatic conditions variation, analysis of water use state and water use efficiency on base of water balance studies in experimental-production tests, elaboration of approaches to effective water use, establishment of indicators of total and irrigation runoff from irrigated lands, assessment of irrigation and collector-drainage water quality as well as giving recommendations on soil reclamation state improvement in Chu valley. Climate is continental. Soils - gray desert-meadow and meadow light, semi-loam. Salinity degree -from slightly saline to strongly saline, sulfate type. Ground water table is 1.5-3.0 m, salinity 0.6-0.82 g/1. EPP area - 1643 ha (gross) Distributive canals - in earthen channel, efficiency 0.6. Irrigation water salinity 0.23-0.265 g/1. On EPP closed horizontal drainage network was constructed, length is 63.22 km, open collector-drainage network - 9.756 km, specific length 44.4 m/ha. EPP is equipped by water and salt measurement and account devices as well as piezometric network. According to carried out field studies recommendations are developed on water use improvement, effective water use, given runoff and water disposal from irrigated lands of water re-use for irrigation. Dependence of crop yield from water availability is designed. Balance studies results are given.

Key words

Irrigated lands; water use; irrigation regime; water consumption norm; water balance; water quality, vegetable crop.


1 . Authors - Gorbacheva R.I., Kostyuk V.I. Title - "Water use planning peculiarities under crop yields programming" "Hydrotecnique and 'reclamation", 1985, #9 Task of optimal water use planning to provide maximum benefit for farm in conditions of water scarcity. 2. Author - Gorbacheva R.I. Title - "About soil over-moistening harm under irrigation" "Water management issues", 1977, #42. It is shown that decline of water supply from optimal to increase or reduction is accompanied by crop yield decrease. It is easily to determine value of decrease by given functions yield-water consumption.