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Amplification of irrigation regime parameters of tilling crops on -soils with high gypsum content in Karshi experimental training-production repair-operational enterprise (KETPROE)

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The Republic of Uzbekistan, Kashkadarya oblast, Nyshan rayon, KETPROE



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Novikova A.V., "Uzdavsuvloyikha" Institute (Uzgyprovodkhoz) The Republic of Uzbekistan, 700128, Tashkent, Yusupov str.,1.


Studies are dedicated to developing elements of irrigation technique, growing technology, cotton crop irrigation regime by using drip irrigation, determining impact of irrigation regime on cotton crop growth, development, and yield capacity. Natural-climatic conditions of the plot - south semi-desert zone. Climate is characterized by increased average annual air temperatures, hot summer, warm winter, and low precipitation. Soils - gray brown-meadow, mechanical composition - sandy loam, light and semi-loam. Salinity degree - medium saline, chloride -sulfate type. Ground water table - 0.6-3.5 m, salinity degree is 3-4 g/1. EPP area - 12 ha. Land use efficiency 0.89. Efficiency 0.96. Epp is irrigated from the flumes ЛР-100. Water from collector by means of pumping station through screens is delivered to main pipeline, then to plot and irrigation pipelines. To apply fertilizers along with irrigation water fertigation approach is used. EPP is equipped by water account and measurement means. Results of studies show that drip irrigation positively affects cotton crop growth, development, and yield capacity under irrigation water saving within 47-77.6%. During period of studies on EPP with drip irrigation enough stable reclamation situation is maintained, salt supplies variation in top 1 meter thickness is insignificant. According to studies' data recommendations are formed on design, construction, and operation of cotton crop drip irrigation systems in different soil-climatic zones of Uzbekistan, which has been transferred for future implementation.

Key words

Drip irrigation; drip irrigation system (DIS); irrigation regime; soil humidity; water inlets; bioclimatic coefficient


1. Authors - Novikova A.V., Muradova O.M. Title - "Cotton crop drip irrigation" "Reclamation and water management", 1996 The article gives data of studies on development of irrigation tech­nique elements, irrigation regime, cotton crop production by using drip irrigation, DIS operation efficiency, and also study of EPP

reclamation state dynamics. It is shown drip irrigation impact on • growth, development and yield capacity of cotton crop 108-Ф and Yulduz brand.