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Rice water consumption study

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The Republic of Uzbekistan, Karakalpakstan, Chimbai rayon, state farm "October"



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A.R.Ramazanov, SPA SANIIRI, Uzbekistan, 700187, Tashkent, Karasu-4, 11


Study is devoted to definition of rice water consumption norm cultivated††† on††† meadow-alluvial††† saline††† soils,††† comparative assessment of designed and actual rice irrigation norm; optimal rice water consumption norm with regard to unsaturated zone desalinization; water use improvement; soil water-salt regime, providing planned rice yield. Plot is located in Amudarya delta's† north part.† Climate is continental, relief-hilly with slope to south-west.†† Soils-meadow-desert strongly saline. Before irrigation ground water table was 3-10m with salinity 0.3-30g/l. Area is 45ha, land use efficiency is 0.71-0.83. Irrigation†† network†† in†† earthen†† channel.†† Distribution†† network consists of sites outlets (h=1.5m, drain-collectors (h=1.8m), in-farm collectors (h=2.5-3.0m); specific length is 44-47m/ha. In result of study rice irrigation norm components with regard for meadow-alluvial saline soils is found; rice optimal irrigation norm is†† calculated†† taking†† into†† account†† rooting†† zone†† (0-1 00cm) desalinization and hydro-chemical parameters. Rice water consumption norm is found and water salt balance is prepared.

Key words

Water consumption, water-salt balance, filtration, rice


Authors: A.R.ramazanov, E.Kurbanbayev, H.I.Yakubov Title: "Some issues of Amudarya lower reaches reclamation" Study of ecological-reclamation processes under different crops irrigation gives technical and technological recommendations on their management.