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Study of water consumption and optimization of beet crop regime - irrigation in conditions of Gyssar valley in Tadjikistan

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The Republic of Tadjikistan, Lenin rayon, "Khosilot" state farm



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Pulatov Y.E.,SPA "Zemledeliye" The Republic of Tadjikistan, Gyssar rayon, Sharora vil..


Studies are dedicated to the development of biologically optimal regime of forage beet irrigation providing maximum crop yield and high effectiveness of water-land and other resources use in conditions of Central Tadjikistan. EPP is located in Gyssar valley at the altitude 641-1215 m. Soil - semi-loam. Ground water table - 1.5-3 m, mostly fresh (up to 1 g/l) or slightly saline (1-3 g/1). EPP area - 1.5 ha. Irrigation source - Big Gyssar canal, water salinity degree is at least 0.7 g/1. Irrigation network - in earthen channel, efficiency 0.85-0.90. Plot is equipped by water account means. In result of studies it has been established that biologically optimal and economically expedient forage beet irrigation regime under conditions of dark gray desert soils of Gyssar valley is irrigation with soil humidity at level 70% normal humidity during growing period. To perform this purpose 7 irrigations are carried out according to scheme 2-4-1 with irrigation norm 5700 m3/ha. 150-160 t/ha root crops and 18-20 t/ha vegetable tops.

Key words

Irrigation regime; agricultural crop; forage beet


1. Authors - Pulatov Y.E., Karayev A.B. Title - "Irrigation regime of forage beet in conditions of Central Tadjikistan" Bulletin #42, 1997 Results of studies are given on optimization of forage beet irrigation regime in conditions of dark gray desert soils of Gyssar valley. Data are given on irrigation terms and schemes, forage beet irrigation norms and crop yield capacity. Recommendations for production are given.