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Improvement of water use at in-farm level through optimization of rice field micro-relief parameters on Kyzylkum irrigation massif

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The Republic of Kazakhstan, South-Kazakhstan oblast, Chardara rayon, state farm "50 years of October"


70.21.33; 70.03.21; 70.21.37

Rubric (SIC ICWC);; 01.30.02

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H.V.Mukhamajanov, KazNIIVH, Republic of Kazakhstan, 48022, Taraz, Koigeldy str.12


Study of rice field terracing impact on filtration rate, soil salinity, water mineralization and rice yield; rice field water-salt balance depending on micro-relief; economic grounding optimal parameters of rice field micro-relief Massif is located within a desert and semi-desert zone with continental climate. Soil can be divided into two layers: top-3m thick-loam and lower-60m thick-sandy loam. Irrigated area 33ha. Water supply and disposal is made through earthen canals. Equations and models are developed describing dependence of rice yield of terracing degree, irrigation norm, water salinity and filtration rate; main factors are revealed influencing yield. Economic assessment is done on rice field relief parameters on rice systems productivity.

Key words

Soils, rice systems, rice field, water-salt regime, filtration, irrigation norm


Author: H.V.Mukhamejanov Title: "Rice yield increase under reclamation factors optimizationouth of Kazakhstan", KazNIIVH, 1993 Rice field relief parameters impact on irrigation norm, rice yield, filtration rate, ground and surface water salinity during vegetation