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Norms of water consumption for rice and alfalfa irrigation on saline soils  of SyrDarya river basin

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The Republic of Kazakhstan, Kzil-Orda oblast, Syrdarya, Terenozek, Djalagash  rayons


70.03.21; 70.21.33

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P. A. Kvan, KazNIIGim

The Republic of Kazakhstan, Taraz, Kouigeldi 12


Investigations related to irrigation norms establishing and irrigated lands productivity increase based on irrigation norms optimization taking in to account soil reclamation and hydrogeological conditions as well as irrigation technical efficiency providing optimal water-salt regime of irrigated field.  Climate is sharply continental. Soils are medium and light loam (65%) and heavy loam (20%). Over than 50% of irrigated lands are saline. Specific length of collector drainage system is 40-50 m/ha. Total area is 85th.ha. Experimental plot area under rice is 7 ha and under alfalfa - 5 ha.  Rice systems are of Krasnodar type. Experimental plots are equipped by lezymeters and water account means. Investigations of rice irrigation regime on saline soils showed, that after its development salts content in soils sharply decreased. Salinity degree is slightly saline. However, when rice was replaced by alfalfa, restoration of soils salinity occurred in result of intensive evaporation of saline ground waters and weak soils drainability.

Investigation on alfalfa irrigation regime showed, that on saline soils for favorable salt regime creation it is necessary apply to alfalfa leaching irrigation regime increasing irrigation depth not less than by 1,5 times. Irrigation should be conducted under soil moisture decrease not lower than 80% of normative moisture.      

Key words

agricultural crops; rice; alfalfa; irrigation regime; soil moisture, irrigation norm; irrigation depth; crop yield; soils saline, soil moisture.  


Authors - P. Kvan, F. Vyshpolsky, A. Paramonov, G. Jdanov, C. Magay, P. Baranov.Title - “Irrigation norms of agricultural crops (recommendations)”  Djambul, KazNIIGim, 1989

Values of evapotranspiration, irrigation norms and depth for agricultural crops over all climatic zones of the Republic of Kazakhstan are given. Procedure of taking into account soil reclamation and hydrogeological conditions, irrigation method and technique for irrigation norms (gross) calculation is given. Example of agricultural crop irrigation regime design is given.