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Management of irrigation lands water-salt regime and vertical drainage system operation in Djetisay and Kirov rayon of Chimkent oblast of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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the Republic of Kazakhstan, Chimkent oblast, Kzylorda massif, Djetisay and Kirov  rayon



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1989 – 1991

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The Republic of Uzbekistan, 700187, Tashkent, Karasu-4/11


The goal of investigation is to assess impact of vertical drainage systems operation regime, its technical state, irrigation regime of crops and leaching, irrigation water quality on ecologic- reclamation processes for large irrigation massif in Chimkent oblast; to develop methodological and practical recommendations on improvement of reclamation regimes and vertical drainage system operation regime, acceptable for the nearest 3 -5 years.Massif territory  is located within alluvial plains of SyrDarya river. Relief is smooth. Soils are made of clayey sand, light and medium loam. Climate is sharply continental. Water table is 1,2 -1,5 m (spring) and 2,5 m (autumn). Salinity is 5 -10 g/l. Irrigated land area of Djetisay rayon is 38,5 th.ha (net), land use efficiency is 0.69; of Kirov rayon is 37 th.ha (net), land use efficiemcy is 0.61.Irrigation network is in the earth channel.Collectors specific length is 5 -8 m/ha. 285 wells were installed  in Djetisay rayon and 273 wells- in Kirov rayon, with a depth of 55 -75 m  and gravel-sand filters. Recommendations on reclamation regime improvement and vertical drainage system operation regime were developed providing:- water supply for irrigated field in amount of 8300 m3/ha;- pumping water volume of 1800-2000 m3/ha;- ground water table regulation within 2.2 - 2.9 m (spring), 1,9 -2,3 m (summer);   3,1 -3,4 m (autumn);- salt reserve reduction in the aeration zone down to 8 -10 t/ha.

Indicated measures allow to stimulate reclamation processes, increase   vertical drainage system workability and crop yield.

Key words

drainage systems, soils, vertical drainage; water-salt regime; irrigation water


1. Authors: Kh.I.Yakubov, R.K. Ikramov, Sh.S. Yusupov, Ph. UmarovaTitle: Recommendations on regime of vertical drainage system operation in Djetisay  and Kirov rayonsof Chimkent oblast. Tashkent, SANIIRI, 1990

Actual reclamation processes were studied in 1989 -1990, results of full-scale  investigation of vertical and open horizontal drainage were presented. On a basis of predicted water-salt balance the recommendations were developed on reclamation situation improvement and vertical drainage system operation regime.