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Selection of optimal parameters and study of economic and reclamation efficiency of subsurface drainage in North zone of Karakalpakstan (collective farm "Khalkabad")

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The Republic of Uzbekistan, Karakalpakstan, Kegeily rayon, collective farm "Khalkabad"


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E.Kurbanbayev, SANIIRI Karakalpak branch, 742000, Nukus, Dospanova str.,12


Study of alfalfa high yield obtaining possibility in rice rotation maintaining soil-reclamation state of irrigated lands; creation of optimal conditions for main crop-rice; irrigation regime and measures on prevention of seasonal salt restoration in root zone development; soil fertility increase; ground water dynamics management and revealing possibility for its contribution to sub-irrigation. Kyzylkum massif is located on flat plain, soils are meadow-serozem, climate is continental. Soils consist of two layers: top-3m thick made of sandy loam and bottom-60v thick made of sand. Ground water is saline; irrigated area is 40ha; rice system is of Krasnodar type; irrigation canals of twofold action. In result of investigations economically expedient irrigation regime of alfalfa is recommended providing 9.26-10.44t/ha. Irrigation norm and schedule are determined. Amendments to designed irrigation norm under flood, furrow and sprinkler irrigation.

Key words

Alfalfa, ground water level, irrigation regime, agricultural crops, crop rotation


Author: G.N.Zhdanov Title: "Alfalfa irrigation in rice rotation in South of Kazakhstan", TIIMSH, 1974 Irrigation rational regimes are grounded. Ground water input to sub-irrigation is determined. Soil salt regime dynamics is given. 2. Author: G.N.Zhdanov Title: "Alfalfa irrigation impact on soil nutrient and salt regime", TIIMSH, 1975 Results of investigations on soil nutrient and salt regime under different irrigation regime.