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Study of gypsum-bearing soil water-salt balance in South-East of Hunger Steppe

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The Republic of Uzbekistan, Syrdarya oblast, state farm 4 & 5


70.03.21; 70.21.39

Rubric (SIC ICWC); 01.45

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G.M.Hasanhanova, Uzgipromeliovodhoz (Sredazgiprovodhlopok), Uzbekistan, 700011, Tashkent, Navoy str., 44


Studies are dedicated to: soil salinization and high content of gypsum combat on background of drainage, leaching and leaching regime of irrigation. Based on water use and water-salt regime management on background of horizontal and vertical drainage possibility of saline soils with high gypsum content productivity increase in South-East of Hunger Steppe; possibility of design decisions application to irrigated lands with similar hydrogeological and soil conditions. Territory of state farms relates to serozem ephemeral steppe. Climate is characterized by high tension of hydrothermic regime and wind of high intensity. Ground waters are shallow with week outflow due to low permeability and slope gradients. Field investigations of unsaturated zone and ground water water-salt balance, irrigation regime parameters were conducted on balance plots of state farm 4 on background of vertical drainage over area of 70ha and in state farm 5 on background of horizontal drainage over the area of 40ha. Regular observations were conducted on soil and ground water water-salt regime, water-physical constants and ability for leaching of soils with high content of gypsum, ground water and drainage outflow regime and salinity, gypsum impact on cotton growth, development and yield. Plots were equipped with means of water account and network for ground water observation. In result of reclamation measures on saline soil productivity increase and water effective use (leaching through crops-developers -rice) and "pure" leaching on background of perfect vertical and horizontal drainage and leaching regime of irrigation soil desalinization and planned crop yield has been achieved.

Key words

Soils, water-salt regime, soil salinization, gypsum content, ground water level, evapotranspiration, leaching regime of irrigation


Authors - T.A.Trunova, I.K.Vasilyev, G.M.Hasanhanova Title - "Methodology of water consumption norm calculation in Amydarya and Syrdarya basin". Publication: Methodological guidelines on water requirement and disposal in irrigated farming, , 1984 Publication content: Methodology of agricultural crops' water consumption norm and ground water depletion calculation for design and planning irrigation water requirements in Amudarya and Syrdarya basin. Methodology is based on results of field investigations in different soil-hydrogeological conditions with grounding leaching component, unsaturated zone water and salt regime forecast.