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Grounding of reclamation measures on improvement of lands ecological-reclamation state in farms of Isfara-Lyakkan valley

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The Republic of Tadjikistan, Leninabad obl., Isfara rayon.


70.21.33; 68.31.21

Rubric (SIC ICWC); 01.00

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Davlyatov D.I.,SPA "TadjNIIGiM"

The Republic of Tadjikistan, 734001, Dushanbe, Shamsi str., 5/1.


Studies are dedicated to the problems of soil salinity prevention, water availability improvement based on drainability intensification in farms of Isfara rayon, scientific grounding of measures set on improvement of water use and soil water-salt regimes as well as development of drainage types and designs. According to natural-economic conditions EPP area is typical for the most part of Isfara-Lyakkan valley. EPP is located in salt accumulation zone of middle right-bank part of Isfara river. Valley presents inter-mountain depression. Relief is smooth. Climate is continental. Soils are presented by loam, sandy loam with clay inter-layers with thickness 0.5-3.7 m. Ground water depth is 1-2 m.EPP soils are slightly and medium saline. Average ground water salinity degree is within 1.2-5 g/l. Artesian water salinity degree is 1.2-3 g/l.Irrigated area - 20 ha. Irrigation network in earthen channel. Drainage is closed horizontal, depth - 2.2-2.4 m.In result of studies following recommendations are developed:

1.       On the plots of artesian water spreading on area 1650 ha combined drainage is proposed to construct. Design and parameters of drains with strengthening wells are given.2.       On area without back water  closed and open horizontal drains on depth 2.7-3.0 m are proposed to construct locating them under angle towards ground water flow.

Vertical drainage should be considered as facilitating measure for partial ground water capture in unfavorable conditions, for example, of village.

Key words

Reclamation; soil salinity; ground water; drainage; infiltration; water-salt balance


1. Authors - Skvaletsky E.N., Davlyatov D.I., Rakhmonov B.R..Title - "Development of recommendations on reclamation measures in Isfara-Lyakkan valley on base of complex engineering-hydrogeological survey M 1:2500"Report about NIR, TadjikNIIGiM fund, Dushanbe, 19922. Authors - Skvaletsky E.N., Davlyatov D.I., Rakhmonov B.R..Title - "Development of drainage types and design to desalinize lands and to prevent salinization to use return water in Isfara-Lyakkan valley"

Calculations of required additional quantity of fresh river water for leaching of strongly and medium saline lands are described, hydrogeological-reclamation situation in Isfara-Lyakkan valley is analized, prior measures are developed on its stabilization, analysis of different drainage types calculation and their effectiveness assessment as well as option of parameters, types of drainage and their calculations.