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Irrigation and water consumption regime of winter wheat in pre-mountain conditions of Tadjikistan (Shakhristan rayon)

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The Republic of Tadjikistan, Shakhristan rayon, SPA "Zemledeliye" control point.



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Pulatova Sh.S., SPA "Zemledeliye"

The Republic of Tadjikistan, Gyssar rayon, vil. Sharora.


Studies are dedicated to development of optimal water and nutrient regime of winter wheat providing stable, maximum, and low-cost wheat crop yield under effective water and fertilizers use in conditions of north Tadjikistan; development of scientifically based recommendations on wheat water-nutrient regime, improvement of planning, water use management, irrigated lands productivity increase in conditions of water and other resources shortage.EPP is located on height 1350-1400 m. Soil is serozemic.Ground water is with prevailing of hydro-carbonate. Total salinity from 0.1 to 0.7-0.9 g/l. EPP soils is medium loam.  Irrigated area - 2 ha. Land use efficiency - 0.92.Irrigation network is a flume canal, farther - in earthen channel, its efficiency - 0.85-0.90Studies found out that optimal low-cost irrigation regime of winter wheat is irrigation under soil humidity 70 ± 3% of normal water capacity under combination of effective norms of mineral fertilizers: N100P60K60. 4.5-5.0 t/ha wheat grain is formed under 2-4 growing period irrigations on the background of recharge.It is also found out that bioclimatic coefficient (ratio of net irrigation norm and water balance deficit), which serves to define irrigation norm, varies within 0- 0.29 (April-September) and within 0-0.44 (October-August).

Dependence between wheat grain crop yield and bioclimatic coefficient as well as between grain yield and wheat water consumption.

Key words

wheat; productivity; irrigation regime; water consumption; soil humidity


1. Authors - Pulatov Y.E., Eshanov I.E.Title - "Interaction of wheat irrigation and fertilizers in north Tadjikistan"Bulletin # 87-94, TNIPI, 1995.Results of studies are given on optimization of winter wheat water-nutrient regime. Data on crop yield capacity level and its structure depending on water and nutrient regime are also given. Proposals are presented for production.2. Author - Pulatov Y.E.Title - "Scientific background of optimizing irrigation regime of basic cereals crops in Tadjikistan"Abstract of doctorate dissertation, Tashkent, 1996.

Results of studies are described on irrigation regime of basic cereals, water consumption, and water balance. Dependence of wheat cereals crop yield on crop productivity factors is given. Proposals for production are presented.