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The optimal parameters of furrow irrigation technique and technology under the pipe distribution and irrigation system in «Samgar» and «Khamzaaliev» state farms

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Republic of Tadjikistan, Leninabad province, Khudjand rayon, Samgar and Khamzaaliyev state farms


70.21.33; 70.21.35

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N.K.Nurmatov, Tadjik Agrarian University

Rufaki avenue, 146, Dushanbe, Republic of Tadjikistan


The study dealt with mechanization of the irrigation process and with irrigated lands productivity increase. The objectives were to find the shortcomings of surface irrigation system, to study the elements of furrow irrigation technique, to determine water used for evapotranspiration, to find the irrigation uniformity coefficient, to develop parameters of subsurface distribution and irrigation system for gardens and vineyards and its widespread adoption.The state farms are located within submountain plain. The relief is slightly corrugated. Soils are stony.Water table is more than 20 m. Irrigated area is 10000 ha, while land use efficiency is 0,8.Water is supplied from Kayrakkum reservoir by concrete lining canals. Canals of the on-farm system are mostly earthen and partially concrete-lined.Experimental plot of 1200 ha has subsurface pipe network. Diameter of irrigation pipes is 100-200 mm, while diameter of outlets is 10-16 mm.As a result it was established that the irrigation norm was 6500-700 m3/ha on the experimental plot (EP) and 15000-20000 m3/ha on the control plot (CP). Surface run-off  was 10-12% (EP) and 20-25% (CP) respectively. The optimal furrow length was 100-200 m depending on the degree of soil stoniness; optimal size of irrigation stream was 0,3-1,0 l/sec. Labor productivity was 1 ha/day-shift (surface system) and 2,5-3,0 ha/day-shift (pipe system).

Vine yield was 9-11 t/ha (experimental plot) and 6-7 t/ha (control plot).

Key words

Irrigation technique, irrigation norm, furrow irrigation, vineyard


Author(s): V.A. Surin, N.K. NurmatovTitle: Vine irrigation from a subsurface system, Moscow, «Kolos:, p. 167

Publication details: Conditions of the vine growing and prospective regions for its cultivation are described. Water-physical properties of stony soils, irrigation regime and vine water consumption are shown. Analysis and finding the shortcomings of existing vine irrigation methods and furrow irrigation technique are made. For elimination of these shortcomings different types of a subsurface irrigation system are proposed. Design, construction and operation of a subsurface pipe system are considered. Profitability of its introduction on the area of 1200 ha is proved.