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Technique and technology of furrow irrigation and drip irrigation system  «Tadjikistan-1»

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Republic of Tadjikistan, Leninabad province, Asht rayon, Bogdori state farm


70.21.33; 70.21.35

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N.K.Nurmatov, Tadjik Agrarian University

Rufaki avenue, 146, Dushanbe, Republic of Tadjikistan


The objective was to develop low-pressure distribution and irrigation network with simplified design of drippers operating under water turbidity of 2 g/l and size of sediments of up to 1 mm and allowing uniform water distribution.According to natural and economic characteristics the pilot plot is typical for the most part of the SyrDarya river right bank. Relief is submountain plain. Water table is more than 20 m. Irrigated area of the plot is 1000 ha. Irrigation network includes pipelines with ordinary and П-shaped hydrants. Canals are concrete lined. Area under drip irrigation is 1 ha.As a result it was established П-shaped hydrants have an advantage over ordinary ones. This is seen in improved operation, prolonged life of regulators, and the ability to use this device as a water meter. Besides, the efficiency of drip irrigation system, type "Tadjikistan-1", under high permeable stony soils of Asht massif was determined.

Achieved vine yield was 15 t/ha under drip irrigation with norm of 6000 m3/ha, while with the check norm of 10000 m3/ha the yield was 9 t/ha.

Key words

Drip irrigation, drip irrigation systems, furrow irrigation, structures, drippers


Author(s): N.K.Nurmatov, R.Kurbonov, S.M. SidorovTitle: Temporary directions on design, construction and operation of the distribution pipeline with П-shaped hydrants (BCH-03-87). 1987Publication details: Layout of distribution pipelines is given. Design and basic elements, hydraulic calculation and design, technology of construction and operation of the system are described.Author(s): N.K. NurmatovTitle: Irrigation technology for sloping lands. Dushanbe, "Irfon", 1991.

Publication details: Environmental conditions are described; existing irrigation technologies and the cotton and vine irrigation regime are analyzed. Zigzag furrow irrigation technology and the technology of using the low-pressure distribution and irrigation system with vertical bends in places of water supply for furrow and drip irrigation are justified. Zoning of sloping lands is made according to irrigation methods and technology, efficiency of the suggested irrigation technology and technique is analyzed on the basis of widespread adoption.