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Surface water saving at on-farm level and drainage outflow decrease through the use of groundwater and its level regulation

Project site

Republic of Uzbekistan, Fergana province, Alty-aryk rayon, Atakoulov collective farm


70.23.15; 70.21.33

Rubric (SIC ICWC)

01.45.01; 01.30.03

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Abbas Usmanov, SPA SANIIRI

Karasu 4/11, Tashkent, 700187, Republic of Uzbekistan


The research aimed at the improvement of fresh and slightly saline groundwater regulation by special partitions in on-farm drainage system in order to save surface water and to reduce drainage outflow. According to natural and economic characteristics this pilot plot is typical for Central Fergana. Relief: slightly corrugated plain. Climate is sharply continental. Soils are low saline. Site area is 250 ha.Irrigation network is earthen. Irrigation water salinity is 0,44-0,1 g/l, while groundwater salinity is 0,8-2,0 g/l.Drainage system is located on low elevated lands; its specific extent is 36 m/ha. Drain depth is 2.4-3.0 m. Distance between drains is 400-650 m.  The partitions are built every 75-200 m in the drainage system.

The pilot site was divided into 3 observation sections with 28 experimental fields. The site was equipped with devices measuring soil moisture, groundwater level, and soil salinity.

It was established that due to groundwater level regulation number of waterings can be reduced (on 2 waterings), irrigation interval may be increased (on 10-30 days). Surface water saving is 2.0-2.5 thousands m3/ha. Drainage outflow reduction is 30-40 % of annual outflow. Short-term (within growing season) raise of brackish groundwater level does not influence soil salinization. Area of implementation of studied method is limited to groundwater seepage zone. It can be applied also to transition zone after preliminary study.     

Key words

Water table, drainage outflow, partitions, soil moisture, irrigation regime


Author(s): A.Usmanov, Y.KorshunovTitle: Soil water and cotton irrigation

Publication details: The possibility of groundwater use for irrigation through its level regulation; features of cotton cultivation under shallow water.