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Soil water-salt regime management within seepage zone in West Fergana on background of vertical drainage and pumped water utilisation for irrigation

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Republic of Uzbekistan, Fergana province, Besharyk district, state farm “Besharyk”


70.03.15; 70.03.21

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Abbas Usmanov, SPA SANIIRI

Karasu 4/11, Tashkent, 700187, Republic of Uzbekistan


Prevention of soil salinization and waterlogging and the irrigated land productivity improvement are based on increased drainability through the combination of vertical and horizontal drainage.

Soils are comprised by sandy loam and light and middle loam. Water table is 1,5-2,0 m. Average annual salinity is 0,4-17,6 g/l, while chemical composition is sulphate-hydrocarbonate. Soils within the pilot site are mainly non-saline. Pilot site's area is 565 ha. There are 5 vertical drainage wells with depth of 32.5-48 m.Drainage network is open horizontal with length of 20,3 m/ha. Drain depth is 2.5-3.0 m, while depth of collectors is 3.0-3.5 m. The site was equipped with necessary measuring devices.Long-term (1970-1980) research resulted in the optimal reclamation regime and the appropriate operation regime for drainage network, which reduces consumption of irrigation water and labor.

Cotton yield increased from 2,79 t/ha (1970) to 3,5 t/ha (1975). Water consumption per 1 cwt reduced from 287,7 m3 to 222,03 m3.

Key words

Vertical drainage, efficiency, leaching


Authors: G.Yeremenko, A.Usmanov, T.BekmuratovTitle: Study of vertical and horizontal drainage system conjunctive operation (SANIIRI transactions "Technical measures to combat salinization of irrigated lands", No 143, Tashkent, 1974, pp.33-45).Main parameters of wells, their operation regime, soil water-salt regime change, and drainage modulus change are considered. Possibility of avoiding of part of open (on-farm) drains and collectors and the increase of land use efficiency up to 5% are shown.Authors: G.Yeremenko, A.Usmanov, T.BekmuratovTitle: Pumping from vertical drains regime (Hydraulic engineering, No2, 1974, pp.75-81)

Main indices of VDS operation, operation scheduling, VDS efficiency and its connection with water use regime.