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Experimental vertical drainage system in Kuva rayon of Fergana province

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Republic of Uzbekistan, Fergana province , Kuva rayon


70.03.15; 70.03.21

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Shuhrat Mukhamedjanov, SPA SANIIRI

Karasu 4/11, Tashkent, 700187, Republic of Uzbekistan


The study dealt with the following issues:- identification of quantitative characteristics of ecological and reclamation processes within old irrigated lands under influence of gravel lands irrigation;- development of technical reclamation measures on environmental improvement;- determination of vertical drainage system efficiency;- influence of irrigation on the environmental and reclamation conditions;- creation of groundwater automorphous and semi-automorphous regime;- development of operation regime that provides the optimal reclamation conditions under high head of artesian water. Kuva rayon lies in desert and desert-steppe zone.Lithology: loam, sandy loam, sand (20 -50m).Irrigation network is earthen and concrete lined.Drainage network - open horizontal drains with specific extend of 1,96 m/ha. Drains depth is 2,5 -3,0m, collectors depth is 4m. Deterioration of the reclamation state of lands in 1967-1968 caused construction of vertical drainage wells. Number of vertical wells is 230, wells discharge is 20 -60 l/sec. The wells are equipped with screens in upper horizon from 15 m to 40 m. Water table was 0,5-0,8 m during growing period, while it was no lower than 2,0 m during non-growing period.

According to the research results groundwater extraction regime was developed for gravel lands irrigation. This allowed to increase drainability through the flow of groundwater from melkozem to the zone of aquifers, to keep stable operation of a well, to regulate water table and hydraulic head, and to reduce salts.

Key words

Vertical drainage, water table, drainage flow, irrigation


Authors: Sh. Mukhamedjanov , M. YakubovTitle: Reclamation state and needed draianbility of irrigated lands of Bagdad and Rishtan districts of Fergana province. Tashkent, 1994

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