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Study of soil water-salt regimes and reclamation processes management on hardly reclaimed soils with high gypsum content in Central Fergana

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The Republic of Uzbekistan, Fergana oblast, Buvaidin rayon, Marx' collective farm



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Murat Yakubov, Institute of Water Problems of the Academy of Science of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan, 700143, Tashkent, Khodjayev str., 25a


Studies are dedicated to: development of set of measures on water use improvement and soil salinity prevention on base of increasing lands' drainability and leaching by constructing closed horizontal drainage; definition of reclamation efficiency, capability of this drainage type on hardly reclaimed soils with high gypsum content in Central Fergana; scientific background of set of measures on water use improvement and soil water-salt regimes management.

Natural-economic conditions of experimental production plot are typical for the most part of Central Fergana. It is located in the plain salt accumulation zone. Climate is continental. Soils are hardly reclaimed with gypsum content.

Experimental production plot net area - 80.7 ha. Irrigation network - concrete flumes. Water intake from Big Andijan Canal, water salinity degree - 0.5-0.9 g/l. Drainage is closed horizontal, specific length - 40 m/ha, depth - 2.3-3 m.

Experimental plot is equipped with observation wells and piezometers.

Field studies and observations of shifting of moister, salts and measurement of all elements of aeration zone water-salt balances, ground water, and irrigated area are carried out.

Above mentioned studies show that under closed horizontal drainage operation and keeping optimal reclamation regime following achievements can be:

-        reduction of leaching regime norm from 1.43 to 1.05-1.10 that allows to reduce annual water consumption norm on 10-15%;

-        ground water desalinization on average over plot from 15 to 5 g/l;

-        drainage flow desalinization on average over the plot from 5-10 to 2-4 g/l;

-        lands' desalinization.

Cotton crop yield capacity substantially increased: from 0.7-0.9 t/ha (1978) to 2.83 t/ha (1986)

Water productivity increased from 10000 to 3500-3900 m3/t.

Key words

Closed drainage; soil salinization; horizontal drainage; ground water table


Authors - Yakubov M.A., Nurtayev B.S.

Title - "Hydrochemical regime of drainage water of new irrigated systems in Central Fergana and their quality forecast"

Open publication: Collection of Water Institute reports, issue 2, Tashkent, 1994