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Renewable groundwater resources can be divided into those naturally formed in the catchment area and those formed by filtration in irrigated land. Overall, both basins have 339 proven groundwater reserves that have been approved for use. Total regional supply of groundwater is estimated at 43.49 km3/year, of which 25.09 km3 /year in the Amudarya basin and 18.4 km3/year in the Syrdarya basin. Groundwater aquifers are hydraulically connected with the surface water bodies., as shown by a drop in surface flow levels in all cases of excessive groundwater withdrawal. State commissions have, therefore, imposed limits on the withdrawal of groundwater. The total approved abstraction volume is set at 16.94 km3 /year (table 4). At present, actual withdrawal stands at 11.04 km3/year, even though in the early 1990s it exceeded 14 km3/year.

Some groundwater reserves are formed in neighbouring countries, e.g. those of the Golodnostepsk, Kafirnigansk, Fergana and others. As withdrawal from these reserves increases, so does the need for international cooperation in the regulation of their use and their protection from pollution and depletion.