TWINBASINXN: Promoting Twinning of River Basins for Developing Integrated Water Resources Management Practices


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It is becoming acknowledged that water is likely to be the most pressing environmental concern of the next century. Difficulties in river basin management are only exacerbated when the resource crosses international boundaries. One critical aid in the assessment of international waters has been the Register of International Rivers a compendium, which listed 214 international waterways that cover 47% of the earth's continental land-surface.The Register, though, was last updated in 1978 by the now-defunct United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

The purpose of this paper is to update the Register thus enabling decision makers and resourse manages and users to reflect the quantum changes that have taken place over the last 22 years, both in global geopolitics and in map coverage and technology. By getting access top digital elevation models at spatial resolutions of 30 arc seconds, corroborating at a unified global map coverage of at least 1:1 000 000, and superimposing the results over complete coverage of current political boundaries, we are able to provide a new register which lists 261 international rivers, covering 45.3% of the land-surface of the earth (excluding Antarctica). This paper lists all international rivers with their watershed areas, the nations which share each watershed, their respective territorial percentages, and notes on changes or disputes in international boundaries since 1978.