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The project RIVERTWIN aims in further developing, adjusting, testing and implementing an existing integrated regional model for the strategic planning of water resources management in river basins. The model takes into account the impacts of demographic trends, economic and technological development, the effects of global climate and land use changes on the availability and quality of water bodies in subhumid tropical, humid temperate as well as semiarid regions. The second objective of RIVERTWIN is the formulation of integrated scenarios of land use and climate change together with stakeholders in the different river basins. The model will be used for scenario development in the respective river basins, taking into account potential changes in climate and land use as well as economic constraints at various spatial levels.

In the beginning the model framework will be further developed and adjusted in a European river basin with high data availability and data density. The institutional settings and all relevant processes that are necessary for the description of water management at the river basin scale, including water supply, water demand, water quality (biological, chemical), land cover/use, agricultural production, economic pressures/incentives, job and income generation and life quality are addressed. The transferability of the model to other ecological regions with low data availability will be tested in two third countries river basins under subhumid, tropical and semiarid continental conditions.

 Table 1: Overview of selected river basins

 Table 2: Milestones (date of delivery in months) which mark the achievement of expected results of RIVERTWIN in each river basin



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