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December 2013

Kyrgyzstan has received $ 8.5 million for water resources management

Source: The Times of Central Asia, 3.12.2013

The World Bank and the Government of Switzerland created a trust fund that will work to increase the capacity of Kyrgyzstan in water resources management. The original amount of $ 8.5 million was assigned to Kyrgyzstan in the form of grants. For three years the money planned to strengthen national capacities for the management of water resources, improve the quality of irrigation service user associations and improve the management of them.

"Effective management of water resources is a factor contributing to the sustainable development of the Kyrgyz Republic, as the water has a cross-sectoral importance for the country. We are delighted to join forces with the World Bank to support the joint efforts of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic for the implementation of reforms in this area ," the Swiss ambassador to Kyrgyzstan Rene Holenshtayn said.

The project will support the Department of Water Management and Land Reclamation and the National Council on Water Resources in the development of the National Strategy for water resources management and information system for water resources management.