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News: December 2007


A meeting on the implementation of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On farming business", particularly the part on the state and other forms of support to be provided to farming businesses by the concerned organisations and departments, was held on 20 December by the Committee of the Senate of Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Agricultural and Water Management Issues and Ecology.

As a result of the reforms being implemented in the agricultural sector of the country, deep structural changes are being observed. The measures taken in the past few years to reform the agricultural sector, create the production and market infrastructure have made it possible to form the class of proprietors in the rural areas, increase agricultural output and the incomes of the rural population.

Farming businesses established based on former farming communities have become the main form of agricultural production. In order to support their efficient activity, numerous mini banks, alternative machine-tractor parks, water-users' associations, fuel and lubricant, and fertilizer retail outlets have been opened within the shortest periods. Agricultural technology is being sold for loans and delivered to farmers on leasing basis.

The Land Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Laws "On farming business", "On water and water use", "On veterinary", "On breeding", "On leasing" and others have formed the normative-regulatory base, which provides the framework for the development of agriculture, particularly farming business in the country.

The adoption of the decrees and resolutions by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On measures for cardinal improvement of the system of land-reclamation" and "On measures to support farming businesses cultivating agricultural products for state needs on low-fertility lands" has become the basis for the development of new and introduction of additions and changes to the existing legislation and regulatory acts, provision of efficient state support to farmers producing agricultural products for state needs on unfertile lands.

The adoption of the state budget envisaging the appropriation of funds for cardinal improvement of the reclamation of irrigated lands and support of farming businesses operating on unfertile lands, and the determination of the specific sources of financing for these measures have become another evidence of the state's constant care about the development of farming.

Feeling the state's constant support, farms that have received land for long-term use have become more careful about it and the water used to irrigate it. They are applying new agricultural methods, using advanced technology to receive higher yields. As a result this year saw the record-breaking harvest of wheat and cotton. For the first time, Uzbekistan produced more than 6,250,000 tonnes of wheat, and over 3,600,000 tonnes of raw cotton. The main factors that support these high achievements were constant state support, strengthening feeling of proprietorship in farmers, their conscientious attitude towards labour, active life position, the feeling of interest and responsibility, affiliation with the common cause.

During the Committee's meeting the senators listened to the reports on the performance of the Law "On farming business" by the divisions of the Central and industry-specific banks, UzKimyoSanoat (Uzbek Chemical Industry), UzNeftMahsulot (Uzbek Oil Product), UzKishlokHujalikMashLizing (Uzbek Agricultural Machinery Leasing), UzAgroMashService, the Association of Oil and Fat and Food Industry, as well as the ministries and agencies of Uzbekistan. They noted that not everything possible is being done in ensuring the provision of banking services, lubricants, machine parts, fodder to the farming businesses. There is still space for improvement, they said, and suggested on the possible ways for meeting the existing potential, improving the operation of mini banks, equipping them with the necessary equipment and communication means.

The Committee meeting was attended by the senators, heads of ministries and agencies concerned, association of farming businesses, representatives of large farms, and media.


Within the frame of the State Programme on the "Year of Social Protection", the Senate Committee for Agricultural, Water Use Issues and Ecology held a meeting on the implementation of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On savings pension support of citizens" by the labour and social protection departments, as well as the agricultural enterprises of Bukhara region.

In Uzbekistan, the citizens' rights for pension support is guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Article 39 of the Supreme Law of the land states that "every citizen has the right for social support in the elderly age". Social protection of the population has always been one of the priority aspects of the state policy. An evidence of this is the pronouncement of the year 2007 as the Year of Social Protection, which has assisted the expansion of the scale of social protection of the population, development of new and introduction of additional provisions to the existing legislation and regulatory acts aimed at raising the efficiency of the existing system of citizens' social protection.

Article 5 of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On savings pension protection of citizens" states that the state guarantees the citizens participating in the savings pension system the safety and payment of all funds accumulated on individual savings pension accounts. Participation in the savings pension system is mandatory both for the employers and citizens working by the labour contract. Individual entrepreneurs, members of farming businesses that operate without the establishment of legal business personality, as well as other citizens participate in the pension savings system on voluntary basis.

These and other provisions of the legislative act have become the starting point for the study of the situation about the performance of the Articles of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On savings pension protection of citizens" in Bukhara region.

Participants of the meeting noted that Bukhara region has accumulated positive experience in the implementation of the Articles of this law. In 19,942 businesses, whose participation in the pension system is envisaged by the law, 326,756 employees have presented the necessary applications to the branches of the People's Bank. Their accounts now accumulate the monthly deductions from the salary, which have totaled over 5 billion soums as of 1 November 2007. Interest rate exceeding the rates of inflation is paid on these funds. In 2006 alone in Bukhara region, the interest accumulated on these funds on individual pension accounts made up 190.6 million soums.

Local government bodies, regional departments and district divisions of the Ministries of Finance, Labour and Social Protection of the Population, Tax Service and the People's Bank are working to explain the provisions of the new Law of Uzbekistan "On savings pension protection of the citizens" and timely registration of all papers submitted for participation in the new pension system.

At the same time, during the meeting participants pointed out that several district offices of the People's Bank failed to timely report to certain farming businesses on the deductions being made to the pension savings accounts, and it was suggested to raise the activeness of citizens participating in the savings pension system on voluntary basis.

Meeting participants emphasized the special role of local agencies of the legislative government branch, their standing commissions dealing with social questions in successful implementation of the provisions of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On savings pension support of citizens", in coordination of the efforts of the departments and divisions of the ministries of finance, labour and social protection, tax services and People's Bank aimed at maintaining the efficient implementation of the provisions of this law.

Among the participants were the senators, heads of concerned ministries and agencies, the Association of Farming Businesses, Deputies of Local Kengash (Council) of People's Deputies, and media.

Source: UzReport, 24.12.2007


Acting foreign minister of Kyrgyzstan E.Karabaev met with ambassador of Tajikistan to Kyrgyzstan M.Sabirov.

The parties discussed the outgoing years results and plans of cooperation of the two states for 2008. The parties agreed to conduct a meeting of representatives of the two states leadership in 2008 in one of boundary regions.

They discussed issues of cooperation in transport-communication and water-energetic fields.

Source: KABAR, 24.12.2007