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News: December 2005

24.12.2005 Kazakh Prime Minister praises agricultural development program

24.12.2005 Kazakh president signs law on environmental insurance

23.12.2005 Ecological safety above all

23.12.2005 Uzbek power generating capacity to grow by 2010

20.12.2005 Committee of parliament consider ecologic issues in Navoi

19.12.2005 Uzbekistan restarts power exports to Tajikistan

19.12.2005 PSA to develop Uzbek sector of Aral sea expected to be signed in March 2006

18.12.2005 China plans large power plant in Kazakhstan

16.12.2005 ADB to help rehabilitate drinking water, sanitation in two Uzbek regions

16.12.2005 Uzbekistan Resumes Energy Supplies To Tajikistan

15.12.2005 Water in Tajikistan: A curse and a blessing

14.12.2005 Agro-industrial complex an attractive sphere for business, PM

12.12.2005 Working group studies Turkmenistan-China pipe

12.12.2005 KEGOC to help with study for merger of CIS, Baltic energy systems with EU

12.12.2005 World Bank approves $ 30 mln for Kazakh Forest management

10.12.2005 Kazakhstan PM called on TPP 2

9.12.2005 UN calls for special envoy to the region

9.12.2005 ADB steps up, pledges $ 952 million for Central Asian integration

9.12.2005 A sigh of disappointment

8.12.2005 Uzbek politologists suggested creation of common SCO power market

8.12.2005 U.N. to Central Asia cooperate

8.12.2005 Central Asian States could double income through economic cooperation – UN

8.12.2005 Pakistan talks with Iran, Qatar, Turkmenistan on gas

7.12.2005 Ineffective water management costs Central Asia USD 1.7 bln annually: UNDP report

7.12.2005 Kyrgyz Foreign Minister asks OSCE to direct funds to economic and environmental projects

7.12.2005 Central Asian energy market: tendencies and perspectives